Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Regina is dirty.  If you think that every time someone says “Regina”, there’s an American from New York laughing, then indeed we must act!  Never mind the fact that no-one important has ever come from Regina (let alone Saskatchewan).  Regina, apart from being the fulcrum of Canada, and the capitol of Saskatchewan, has no good purpose other than being the butt of jokes for our neighbours to the south.  I realize that it has some Royal heritage, and QE2 uses that as her name sometimes, but the fact that you can’t say the word without giggling should be a strong enough reason to change the city’s name.  …Better yet, let’s just get rid of the city altogether!  I’ve never been to Regina , so it really doesn’t matter anyways.  Let’s use Saskatoon or Moosejaw, or Winnepeg as its capital.  Just as long as we don’t have to say Regina any longer!

Regina. Regina{snicker}. rE-ginah!  Hehe… RE-gai-nahhh!  Jaina! Reee-jai-nuh!!



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