Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a Day!

One day, while cleaning out my closet, I came across an old box. Since we were going to have a garage sale the next week I thought I'd better get rid of a few unused things. And what to my surprise! I found an old Gaming Console that I stopped using. It was my old Nissan Game Cube! I used to love playing that in my old bachelor days. It was still in great shape too. I wonder what I'll get for it?

I had some old High School chums round for coffee the other day. Things were going swimmingly, until I got out the sugar! I was sooo embarassed! The sugar I had all went to CUBE! Last Night I made the most delicious clam chowder. I started sauteeing seven rashers of thick sliced bacon, cut small. Then one and a half medium sized onions, CUBEd. Three peeled, CUBEd carrots. Four stalks of celery, CUBEd. And about two ounces of butter. I sauteed all these ingredients with a dash of Thyme, Nutmeg, Fennel seeds and one teaspoon of salt. When the onions were translucent, then I added about two ounces of flour, stirring off the heat. Adding about two cups of milk (I actually used water and skim-milk powder!), brought it up to simmer, then added two peeled, CUBEd potatoes. Then once the potatoes had simmered till they were tender, i poured in a ten ounce can of baby clams:juice and all! Finished with two Bay leaves and fresh chopped parsley! DEELISH! Remember to CUBE, not dice!

I just watched one of my favorite episodes: I guess I didn't remember how it went as well as I thought. There was this scene, just before the "Bad-Guy-Alien-Robots" attack. A strange voice comes over the communicator, "YOU WILL ASSIMILATE!" Not exactly as I remember.

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