Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Inauguration

January 20 2009

Since logging on to my facebook page this morning and seeing all the hype about the new "Saviour of the free-world", I remind myself to remain calm, steadfast (in my self-conserving approach) and above all as unbiased as possible. Realizing that yes, the fact that a new person has been elected, sworn-in and "seated" in what has been one of the most influential countries in this world does (and will) indeed affect my life, I remain stoic. 

I personally have no policy or trading influence with the U.S. My career is not likely to be challenged by any dealings between my country and the U.S. (for those who don't know me well, I am a Chef in a retirement home in Victoria, BC.) Nor, do I think that many of my friends will have their lives pulled one way or the other so drastically that they change postal codes by the fact that Obama has now been voted GOD.

My recent most concern has and will continue to be my son's Grade 4 education. He is learning about "Perimeter and Area" which means that multiplying numbers of three digits confuses him. Why is he confused? Does he not pay attention in class? Does the teacher not ensure that all the students "Get it" before moving on? Is there some cute little girl sitting across from him? Does the curriculum for our Province fall short of what is necessary? ALL OF THE ABOVE! 

What should I do about this? Phone his teacher? Talk to the Principal? Write to my M.L.A? Start a petition? If I had all the free time in the world, perhaps yes would be the answer to all these things. But the best answer that I have is to; TEACH MY SON THE MATH MYSELF! This will result in him actually learning it. The other ways may eventually work, but probably change will be effected when he reaches grade 7, long past the time when he actually needs the skill of multiplication.

Going back to today's event (NON-event for me), let me try to decipher the REAL reason why the hype of the medias has incited many to the point of riotous (and righteous) verbiage.


We humans are all (excepting for the few of the unfortunate sightless) very visual animals. I can understand why some of us would immediately be biased towards someone. If we also weren't so brought down by the US's "stupidizing" of it's population (by this I mean entertaining, reporting, and focusing its educational system more towards the lower common denominator), then we would NOT be swayed to the issue that "race" is important. Obama and I are of the same race: HUMAN. This wrongly perceived "issue of race" that has plagued the "Untied" States for centuries has rudely spilt over the border into my country. I cannot stand the rhetoric. When we are bombarded with "news" stories from the streets of Vancouver or Toronto interviewing "people of colour" asking their thoughts on Obama being inaugurated, I am outraged. NOT outraged for the inauguration, but outraged for the unnecessary waste of time. Show me how the world is reacting to Israel's recent "Affair" with its neighbours. Show me how we (Canada) are affecting change to Darfour. Report on a story that will let me import a 600cc car into BC so that I may lower my "Carbon footprint". DON'T SHOW ME SOME GAY, BROWN UNIVERSITY STUDENT SAYING "HOORAY FOR THE BLACK PEOPLE"! This person has NO influence in ANY of my politics. It in itself is riotous reporting, and I will NOT be swayed.

I am NOT being a biggot. I LOVE the many different cultures that continue to bring their traditions to my CANADA. Please remember, we ALL are immigrants to this land. ALL OF US! this goes for all you who think that "Native Americans" are indigenous. Study the Native Japanese, Hawaiian, South American populations and you will discover that Canada is a country of Immigration. There are parts of some cultures that I have yet to learn about: pray I have the time to do so fully. 

Until the day that Barack Hussein Obama lowers my property taxes, or ensures that my son's teacher will teach him long-division so that I never have to, I will remain annoyed by all who say "This is a glorious day in history"!

(remember that there were those that said similar things about a certain bitter Austrian).

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