Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet Peeve #1

Pet peeve #1:

Coffee Cups and water bottles.  I know, I know.  Many of my friends an colleagues have fallen into this pit.  But I’ve had enough.  I HATE seeing grown people walking around the town, hallways at work or in stores with Coffee cups and water bottles!  When did we become so frikken rude?!  When I was a boy, it was never proper to carry a drink… of any kind.  After a time when hard physical labour has occurred, then one may actually have some water.  We would drink because we were thirsty!  Drinking happened either when you were eating, at a “Coffee date” or out at a bar, lounge or pub… and NEVER STANDING!  When has it become the “norm” to constantly carry around a fancy plastic bottle with Britta-filtered H2O, or the latest Starbucks Stainless-steel thermo heat-wrapped 16 ouncer with your triple whipped, half-caf virgin almond macchiatto americano, or the latest laughable fad: “Timmy’s rim-rollin’ large” in brown paper?  Why do we need this?  I go through my whole day of work without touching any liquids sometimes. 

Since the Olivia Newton John “let’s get physical” Baby-boomers, I might guess. 

…When will they all go!!?? . 

I applaud the likes of the entrepreneurs who have marketed, promo’ed and sold this great humbug of the latter part of the 20th century.  This “Fitness BS” that has swept the continent.  What a lark!  I, being a fond student of history look back on the days when the local “hangout” for all these teenie-boomers was the soda shoppe.  They’d all sit down and have what would probably amount to a 900 calorie malted, snarf down a 400 calorie egg sandwich, and all this simply “after school” before they’d head home.  And exercise?  Not unless you were on the basketball team.  Somehow humans have managed to survive until now. 

Until now.

Now we have to “replenish”.  We seem to be running out of water all over the planet, and this includes inside us too!  Whether it’s pure H2O or some sort of flavoured water, the need to carry something to drink seems to be absolute.  It must be sooo strenuous for some.  Walking to work from the car.  Or just down the street… exhausting! 

Remember when stores had signs that read “please, no food or drink in the store”?  Many of them still do!  The reason is quite simple: food spilled on merchandise is costly.  Costly for you and me and the poor store owner.  Why is it now OK for anyone to walk with a “Serious Coffee” cup in hand through a store? NOT!  It’s frikken rude!  Stop it.

Go out for coffee, by all means!  Meet your friends at the bar!  Take your water bottle to the gym! (I’ll still laugh at you though!)  But please, please PLEASE! Stop carrying, sipping from, and waving around these annoying things!  There really is time in the world to replenish your lost moisture.  It’s just not necessary every 2 minutes!  Try it , you’ll survive!

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  1. Well-said. When did this happen with the stupid water thing? When did North Americans start getting SO THIRSTY. Is it linked to the diabetes? Seriously, this is a cultural affectation with the water-bottles.
    It's just ridiculous. They're going to come up with a study soon that shows drinking too much water gives you renal failure. Mark my words.