Friday, April 22, 2011


…Well nearly. Here’s how it all went down;
I own a rental property which is a duplex of 1800 square feet on two levels. It has four bedrooms, two full baths, good sized living room, patio, and kitchen with dinette. It is centrally located just a few minutes walk to downtown, across the street from a city park, and other walking paths are also just minutes away. Not too shabby! We (my wife, son, and myself) bought this place 12 years ago and immediately started renting out the two downstairs rooms. We managed like this – living with others – about 8 years, when the opportunity came up for us to purchase the other half of the duplex. We dove right in! With our experience renting rooms, we knew that it would be possible to fill 4 bedrooms instead of just 2.
We first filled it with a group of Japanese students / working holiday types. This turned out to be a bit of a hassle… let’s leave that for another time.
After the first group had gone, we got in some UVic students who have been great! But now, after 3 years, they have finished their studies at the University, and gave me notice that they are moving on.
I brought out my ads, updated them a bit and placed them online; Kijiji, UsedVictoria, and Craigslist. I originally advertised trying to rent out the entire house, and had quite a few groups shuffle through, but no return bites… maybe my price was too high? I checked the web. Yup, it seems that there is a housing glut at the moment: renter’s market. Damn. Oh well, bite the bullet: redo the ads. Now I started advertising for shares/singles, and dropped the price. More bites, more lookie-loos.
Now here’s where the problem started.
I got a lovely, flowery email from one “Josh Hudson” from the UK. Here’s the email conversation that transpired;
josh hudson [] "Hi,
I'm really interested and inclined in renting your place advertised.
I am 28, very animated in nature and always open to ideas and opinions of
others.I'm very simple and take life one step at a time.
I'd love to rent from a matured,friendly and respectful individual.
I love to read(a lot) and also write at my spare time(I'm not really
Good at it but I do it anyway,lol!).
I don't smoke nor drink and also won't be bringing pets though I don't
mind having them around.
I'm coming to Canada because I was offered a job as a DBA/Business
Strategist for the next three years. Changing environment is very
vital for me as I have seen the highs and lows with working in other Continents and i have always looking forward to some great time in canada as i have read alot about the place .
Please kindly email me back if you have questions.

Morgan Onda [] “What part of the world are you from? (doesn’t matter to me, just curious!) If you would like to come by to view the place, then how about tomorrow sometime between 2:30pm and 5:00pm? Let me know ASAP so I can give my present tenants notice! Call me @ 250-386-XXXX, or re-email.
- -morgan

josh hudson []
Hi Morgan,
I am happy you responded to my email and I look forward to coming over
to Canada from the UK by 3rd week in April but I can be flexible to your plans.
My employer will be sending you payment for the first month and damage deposit
Also my shipper will be shipping my Honda 2009 model and other
Personal effects before I move into your place. I won’t be bringing much
over as I intend to buy most afresh there. But my PC will be coming
with me surely & other personal belongings. If this is ok with you,
kindly mail me back your name to make out the payment in & your
address to have it sent to. I will also need your number so we can
I will be off to see my sick mum in the hospital who is due for
surgery soon. I look forward to your response.
Yours Sincerely

Morgan Onda []
I guess that ’popping by for a quick look-see’ is out of the question, then? Give me a call at 250-386-1971 between 1500h and 2100h (pacific standard time GMT -7h) as you see fit. The rent will be $500.00 per month all inclusive (I’ve had to bite the bullet as Victoria has a wee bit of a “renter’s market” these days) and thusly the deposit will be $250.00. My address is 211 Henry ST, Victoria BC, V9A 3H8. Proper name is: Morgan Onda.
Also attached is an example of the lease agreement that I use… it’s based on the kind we use in BC.
- -morgan

josh hudson []
“Hello, My employer has sent payment to your location and I'll be sending you the details later. This will enable you know when it will arrive. I will appreciate if you notify me as soon as it does. This is the first time I will be traveling to North America and I believe articulating myself with the cultural change will not be difficult as people like you will make me settle in easily. In the UK majority of us are conservatives and I believe Canada is an environment with more liberal and free thinking individuals. Facing new challenges and enhancing my skills will be first priority and I promise you that you will not regret ever renting the place out to me as I am a very matured and understanding person. Most importantly my shipper will be getting in touch with you regarding shipping of my Honda Accord to your place and I have given him your contact.His name is Adam Finley and he'll contact you by email.
Yours sincerely Josh”

Liberal environment?!? Is he trying to imply something?
“Josh” called and left a message: Definite London accent, but with a hint of something else – foreign (for London, that is). Also an “Unknown Name/Unlisted number”, and there were a few “clicks” and “pops”… sounded like a “Skype” line.

Morgan Onda []
Sorry, was out at a band rehearsal. I’ll be home today and tonight and tomorrow in the day until 2pm (my time). ‘tis a day off. And we usually screen calls that show as ‘Unknown” etc. But I’ll be sure to pick up.
- -morgan

Adam Antoine Finley []
“Hello , I am Adam Finley and I am Mr Josh Hudson's shipper.He instructed me to get in touch with you pertaining his personal effects that he will be shipping from the UK to Canada but I have been instructed not to commence shipping until you confirm receipt of your rent. There are certain details that I will be requiring from you so as to make sure everything goes as planned.But most especially I will be needing the address that Mr Hudson's effects will be arriving in Canada. I await your response.
Thank You Adam”

Morgan Onda []
I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “the address that Mr Hudson's effects will be arriving in Canada.” But the address to where things should be shipped to is 209 Henry ST, Victoria BC, V9A 3H8. My phone number is 250-386- XXXX. As yet, the deposit and rent has yet to arrive. I will email you again when this happens.
- -morgan onda

josh hudson []
Hi, My mum's surgery is scheduled to take place in 8hrs time, wish me luck! You can track payment on with tracking number 7218 8090 0642 6366 Let me know as soon as it arrives. Here's a poem I composed(100% Plagiarised,lol).
Canada, oh Canada
what hast thou done with me
whenever I do close my eyes
my heart is there with thee

Your mountains and great forests
of an infinity
Sequoias stand majestically
ancient serenity

What everlasting pleasure
lies in your scenery
the crumbling walls of what once was
beneath a Maple tree

Golden fields of waving grain
whisper a lullaby
the sunset slowly fades away
beyond your endless sky

Canada, oh Canada
what hast thou done with me
I feel thou whispers in my soul
I wish to be with thee

I spot a single red deer
scent danger in the breeze
the slightest noise will make her flee
among your mighty trees

I see your children playing
out on a frozen pond
at snowball fights and slapping pucks
a magic way beyond

Mem'ries of the days gone by
engraved into my soul
return to you I will some day
it's always been my goal

Canada, oh Canada
what hast thou done with me
thou temptress of my craving heart
I long to be with thee”

You’re kidding right?!? A poem? A Freaking poem?!! Just what kind of crap is this? Oh well, let’s continue.

I did NOT respond to the poem.

josh hudson [] “Hello , The unimaginable thing I feared most has happened to me.My mother passed away yesterday. I am the most distraught person on planet earth but there is need for me to gather mental, physical and spiritual strength at this trying moment. My mother is the catalyst behind all my present achievements and I have been 500% dependent on her for more future support. Why did she have to go? Arrangements are being made and she will be laid to rest on Thursday. I told my employer about the news and he has given his condolences. He made a mistake of sending Adam's(shipper) money along with your payment to your address,instead of sending it separately.What do we do about that? Please advise. Josh
PS:My traveling plans still remain intact but there might be a shift in my arrival date. Please bear with me.”
Oh, dear ~!
Morgan Onda []
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. The loss of a parent is also the most difficult. Be strong. When any funds arrive here, I will sort it out. I will email Adam and arrange with him the easiest way to get his portion to him.
Take the best care of yourself, and your family.
- -morgan
josh hudson [] “Hi, I tried calling today. It's just so hard knowing I won't hug, kiss and see my mum again, never again. She was an amazing woman and I believe a better place awaits her. I also appreciate all the soothing words of encouragement and how much you really understand what I'm going through right now, no other future situation can be worse... arguably. Furthermore I want to say thank you for giving me the benefit of doubt and holding on to your place for me regardless of how shambolic things seemed from my end. In the midst of all the confusion I made an error and gave my employer the wrong amount for the rent which was sent to you. You received $3500, in which $750 is for the part of the rent and $2750 is meant for Adam. I'll have him email you now so he can give you details of how he wants the funds for him to commence shipping today as my car might be held under demur-rage on Thursday because it has been at the port for a week. God Bless you

“Josh” phoned, leaving a message, sobbing and crying about his poor, dead mother, thanking me for my kind words

The cheque arrived. It was sent in a brown envelope “XPRESSPOST” from
“Alex Morgan
208 1160 Dorval Drive
Oakville ON L6M 3E9”
The Cheque looked very legitimate, complete with a gold “safety seal”. It had proper looking fonts, transit numbers etc. It was very good… except that my name, and the amount of monies were not printed on the cheque, but rather printed at the same time the cheque was printed. By this, I mean that the same printer that made the cheque also made this same cheque with my name already on it.

Morgan Onda []
I received the cheque today from the “Regional Municipality of York” in the amount of $3,500.00. It is made out to me (Morgan Onda) and I will deposit it into my account. The amount for the first month’s rent and the deposit add up to just $750.00 which leaves $2,750.00. What would you have me do with the remainder at this time? I realize that you probably have this set aside for your shipper, Adam Finley but I wanted to double check how you wish me to forward it to him.
Should I wait until the goods have arrived? Or should I write him a cheque and send it straight away? I will wait to read your response.
Yours truly, Morgan Onda

Very soon after I sent this email, I got these two emails from “Adam”;

Adam Antoine Finley []
I have been instructed by Mr Josh Hudson to commence shipping
of his personal effects to his new place. He instructed me to also get
in touch with you about the funds($2750) you will be sending me today
so I can prosecute the shipping of his effects and also to
give you details of how I will be receiving the funds.You will be
required to send it via western union money transfer to the details below.
Name: Antoine Finley
Destination: 18 Buckingham Gate London United Kingdom
You will be required to send the transfer information details to me
today which include the amount sent and senders name and MTCN(money
transfer control number).I hope you are very conversant with western
union.Also western union will be charging you to send the funds so
you can deduct the charges from the funds before sending.
Adam Antoine Finley”

“you will be sending me today” – subliminal force… a trick magicians use to force the audience into action.
Adam Antoine Finley []
“You can visit any Walmart store, Safeway, SUPER DRUG MART,INSTALOANS
,WEST END GROCERY,FINANCIAL STOP ,Money mart or Cash store around you to send western union. All you have to do is tell them you want to send western union and ask for a senders slip, fill it and hand the money over to them. They will process it and give you the
information I need and I can get it in 10mins. It's very fast, safe and reliable.
You can also try any of the agents below,I hope this helps?
---After this part, there was a list of agents where I could go to create this money order (I won’t post this here, for reasons of brevity). But this list only had places like Walmart, Safeway, Moneymart, Western Union retail outlets, etc. It did not mention any true financial institutions, Banks or Credit Unions. I know that My Credit Union uses Western Union as its Money order company, so when it did not appear on this list, I was even more suspicious.
Let’s continue!
Morgan Onda []
I must wait until the cheque clears the bank before I can forward the funds to Adam. Perhaps he can call me with his banking information as my bank can do a direct wire transfer with no fees.
Thank you, Morgan Onda
Adam Antoine Finley []
Hello Sir, Hope you got my last email. Adam
On 4/20/11, Adam Antoine Finley <> wrote:
>I have been instructed by Mr Josh Hudson to commence shipping of his
>personal effects to his new place. He instructed me to also get in
>touch with you about the funds($2750) you will be sending me today so
>I can prosecute the shipping of his effects and also to give you
>details of how I will be receiving the funds.You will be required to
>send it via *western union money transfer* to the details below.
>*Name: Antoine Finley
>Destination: 18 Buckingham Gate London United Kingdom *You will be
>required to send the transfer information details to me today which
>include the amount sent and senders name and MTCN(money transfer
>control number).I hope you are very conversant with western union.Also
>western union will be charging you to send the funds so you can
>deduct the charges from the funds before sending.
>Adam Antoine Finley”

josh hudson []
Thanks for the update. I have asked my shipper to be patient until the funds become available. I will call you later in the evening to discuss about my rescheduled arrival date.

Morgan Onda []
Adam: Send me your bank account information (transit number, account number, branch) and I will transfer it to you today.
- -morgan

Morgan Onda []
Josh, If you wouldn’t mind just emailing me the details, my phones are on the fritz.
Thank you, Morgan Onda
These are the last emails I have sent these two. I have checked online and come up with these links:
Interesting thing about the Google Map; if you focus down to street level, and “look” at the actual address, you’ll notice that there’s a flag marked “Kingdom of Swaziland High”. Suspicious. There is also a marker Tsakos Shipping (London) Ltd‎”, but it has little or nothing to do with
I do believe there must be someone in the UK, named Adam Antoine Finley who is cashing the money orders sent from poor unsuspecting dupes here in Canada (and more places?). AND there is someone here in Canada who is posting the fraudulent cheques (from Ontario).
This may be difficult to prosecute for the authorities, trying to find the crooks responsible. If people would use the resources of their banks and wait for a cheque to clear, this wouldn’t be a possibility. But as long as there are Crooks, there will be Dupes!
** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

josh hudson []
 I'll be arriving on the 7th of May 5:30pm local time.

You can do a direct deposit into this account below:
TRASIT: 00922
ACCOUNT # 59-01081

…So true!