Thursday, March 18, 2010

GMO – Genetically Modified Organism.

GMO – Genetically Modified Organism.

OK. Here’s one of the latest things to fear and or cry about... or is it? Well, I’m sure that there’s some group of Vegans out there trying to protest our use of anything that they don’t deem “Natural”, which, as I delve deep into things, is... well... everything that is alive today!

Genetically Modified: what does this mean? Advanced science class now in session. “Techniques, generally known as recombinant DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes. This DNA is then transferred into an organism, giving it modified genes.” – pure ‘mad scientist’ EVIL!

The reason I think that most of the negativity towards this science is Fear. Fear of the “imagined unknown”. We humans have been doing this kind of thing longer than we have been able to classify ourselves as human. I give you “Selective Breeding”! Without this kind of manipulation, we would not have any dogs. Period. To stop manipulating our surroundings, via “Genes” or selective breeding would put a stop to ANY worthwhile food source. We would have about 20% of the population able to survive, and those poor 20% would be hard at work constantly farming a ‘wimpy’ form of barley or wheat with such a low yield, that we’d spend 10% more of our calories to gain 20% less food energy.

No cows or pigs or chickens for you to eat either! No domesticated animal whatsoever! (I hear all the Vegans cheering!) All Domesticated animals were ‘modified’ from wild stock, and gradually tamed and bred to harness the traits that we chose to be better. But wait what about the lovely leafy greens that we all love to eat? Nothing!?! You mean to tell me they have all been modified in some way? YES! Everything that we grow for food, whether ‘organically grown’ or not, has been modified over the years to produce higher yields, and even bug, blight and disease resistant crops. Remember the “Potato famine” in Ireland? What was it? It was a time (aside from the political BS of the age) when one of the staple dietary items the “Potato” in Ireland was hit with a widespread blight (Phytophthora infestans), which caused the crop to fail significantly. These crops were replaced with newer varieties which were in themselves more resistant: Modified. Just as most of our vegetables have been. Go to a garden center and witness this firsthand as you choose seeds for your tomatoes. A far cry from what Tomatoes were 100 years ago.

Poor Vegans! I guess that there’s nothing left for you to eat. The Mighty Soybean and other legumes are also far from their original form (soybean - Glycine Soja). How you all will survive in the Prairies of North America not having access to Kelp which you need for some of the vital nutrients we all need, is a great mystery. Unless you can forage in the forests among the rest of us omnivores who will all be hunting Grouse and Quail (two very stupid birds; the forebears of the chicken. *A little aside for a mo’*- Which came first, the Chicken or the egg? The EGG! Grouse and Pheasant Eggs eventually make lovely chickens with selective breeding!).

So what’s my point today?
Simply this: We humans are the dominant creature on the planet right now. We have manipulated Earth for thousands and thousands of years. We will continue to do so in ways that some of us in our petty coffee (all ethically grown harvested and roasted) cliques disagree with. We aren’t the “reason” for Earth, we are simply one of its temporary parasites. If there wasn’t that meteorite that smashed into Mexico, destroying the nice beaches and Dinosaurs, we wouldn’t be here manipulating our “Earth” (or even naming it ‘Earth’!) The Dinosaurs would, instead be herding each other in farms of Apatosauri, and Tricerotpsusses.

If we all changed our attitudes about ourselves first: Realize that we aren’t important! Then we could maybe get along with the Earth, each other, and all that Genetically Modified Broccoli that I hear screaming in the veg isle!

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